Twisted eigenfunctions of the Laplace operator

(Prof. Dr. Anke Pohl)

Periodic eigenfunctions of the Laplacian on the real numbers correspond to the eigenfunctions of the Laplacian of the 1-sphere. The eigenvalues of these eigenfunctions are closely related to the zeros of the Selberg zeta function of the 1-sphere. In this project, twist-periodic eigenfunctions of the real Laplace operator shall be investigated and their eigenvalues shall be compared to the zeros of a twisted Selberg zeta function. 

Basic knowledge in the fields of analysis (calculus 1 & 2) and linear algebra is recommended. The duration of the project work within the working group should be at least four weeks. In addition, a final paper and a presentation in a seminar will be expected. For more information and conditions please refer to the Module and Course Catalog (german) of the department.