Online editorial

Dustin Engelken at a desk

Software Developer

Have a good day and welcome to my little playground on our FB 3 website!

My name is Dustin Engelken, I am 26 years old and since 2013 I have been working at the University of Bremen and at Faculty 3. I was trained here as an IT specialist for application development for 3 years and was taken over directly after my training. Since the takeover I have been taking care of roughly speaking IT projects of the department.

Many employees have problems with already existing software or need help with technical implementations. Therefore, my tasks are very diversified. Most of the time I dedicate to the website as well as to the support of our administration. An example, the examination office works with PABO. The colleagues take care of certificates, attestations etc. in paper form, but these tasks become more demanding from year to year. That is where I come in. Much of the current paperwork can be automated.

To get back to the website, Mrs. Becker and I carried out the entire project planning as well as most of the implementation.

Marcella Becker on her work place

Communication of science related topics / Public relations

Hello - Glad you could make it!

My name is Marcella Becker and I am responsible for Public Relations and Science Communication at Department 3. Since September 2013 I have been working at Faculty 3 of the University of Bremen. I started in the research group Cognitive Neuroinformatics. Since January 2018 I am exclusively responsible for public relations and it gives me great pleasure. My work concerns everything concerning public relations, from press inquiries, events and science communication to networking within the department and its working groups.

Public relations is a growing area and helps the department to communicate your concerns to the public. Our working groups have so many different interesting and important projects that should not be withheld from the public. Since this position has only been filled since the beginning of the year, I am still developing various projects, but I certainly do not lack ideas. A very large part of my work concerns our new FB 3 website. We would like to make the new FB 3 pages active and lively. It should be worthwhile to go to the pages and especially to the homepage every now and then, because we will fill them regularly with new articles, news, calendar entries and interviews.

In order to achieve a good networking within the department, the FB 3 Science Communication Network was created. In these meetings, all public relations issues within Department 3 are discussed. It is an offer for exchange and the idea to profit from each other. If you would like to come to the quarterly meetings, just write me an e-mail.