Academic Advisory Office - Mathematics

Academic Advisory Office - Mathematics

We are the main contact point for students in the mathematics programs and will help you if you have questions regarding study planning, application, examination organization and regulations, and advise on questions regarding the recognition of examinations and academic achievements. We are also happy you with your application subject and general studies. You will find all the information that is important for your studies or your degree program here.


Academic Advisory Office - Mathematics

Building and Roomnumber: MZH 1300

E-Mail: szmatheprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Tel.: +49 (0) 421 218 63533

Office Hours: Thursday, 12 - 16 (currently by phone)



Degree Programs

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Handbooks of Modules

Courses Catalogs

Handbooks of Modules

Bachelor's Programs

Mathematik (Started Fall 2022)

Industriemathematik (Started Fall 2022)

Zwei-Fächer Mathematik mit Lehramtsoption (Teacher Education: GyOs, berufliche Schulen)

Elementarmathematik (Elementary School)

Mathematik (expiring)

Technomathematik (expiring)

Master's Programs

Mathematics (Started Fall 2022)

Industrial Mathematics & Data Analysis (Started Fall 2022)

Lehramt an Gymnasien/Oberschulen (Started Fall 2022)

Elementarmathematik (Elementary School)

Medical Biometry & Biostatistics

Mathematik (expiring)

Technomathematik (expiring)

Lehramt an Gymnasien/Oberschulen (expiring)