Mathematics is much more than numbers and calculations. The technical developments that shape our daily lives would not be conceivable without mathematics, though the workings are often hidden from view. Therefore it is important to gain as much knowledge of the research as possible. Mathematics is both one of the oldest parts of human culture as well as a modern instrument for dealing with complex problems in nature, technology, and society. Mathematics is one of "the most inexpensive cultural achievements", as the writer H.M. Enzensberger remarked. In view of the rapid spread of the computer, it can be said that today's high technology is mathematics that has been materialized. In particular, mathematics is a key technology of the information age - from making online purchases secure to allowing the severe compression of images posted online and more.
Further, as the mathematician David Mumford remarked - mathematics is fun and just as beautiful as it is useful. There are many mathematical problems that are still unsolved today and many more questions that have not yet even been formulated as the mathematical fields have not yet been developed. A solution to one of the Clay Millennium Prize Problems is even worth one million dollars.