Cognition research, artificial intelligence and robotics

Results of cognition research, artificial intelligence and robotics influence our lives in all areas. The spectrum of applications is manifold: logistics, space travel, underwater robotics, navigation as well as medical technology and ambient assisted living are just a few examples. The Artificial Intelligence, Cognition and Robotics profiles offer in particular modules on the following topics: computer systems and robots that have the abilities of humans and other biological creatures, e.g. learning new facts, inferring with uncertain knowledge, understanding texts and language, visually capturing a situation, but also motor skills or navigation in space. The subject area is interdisciplinary and integrates many neighboring disciplines of computer science, such as psychology, biology, mathematics and linguistics. In addition to AI and cognitive science, aspects of electrical engineering and mechatronics play an important role in robotics in particular.

KI Kognition Robotik Illustration

Involved Working Groups

Prof. Dr. M. Beetz

Artificial Intelligence


Prof. Dr. R. Drechsler

Computer Architecture

Portrait Hochgeschwender

Prof. Dr. Hochgeschwender

Software Engineering for Cognitive Robots and Systems

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. F. Kirchner



Prof. Dr. R. Malaka

Digital Media


Prof. Dr. K. Schill

Cognitive Neuroinformatics


Prof. Dr. T. Schultz

Cognitive Systems Labs