Safety, Security, and Quality

People increasingly rely on IT technologies, be it in their personal environment, in cell phones and washing machines, or on the move in trains or cars. But as the importance grows so does the risks associated with these technologies. Malfunctions can lead to data loss and financial losses and even pose a danger to life and limb. Hardware and software must meet tough requirements so that users can rely on the systems and trust them. For example, even in case of unexpected events the system will not malfunction, and it must be understandable and easy to use.

The research focus "Safety, Security, and Quality" examines in particular questions from the following topics: Procedures to ensure the accuracy and reliability of hardware and software, to protect data from unauthorized access and to protect the privacy of individuals, as well as task-appropriate, understandable and easy-to-use interfaces.

Involved Working Groups

Prof. Dr. U. Bormann

Computer Networks


Prof. Dr. A. Breiter

Information Management


Prof. Dr. R. Drechsler

Computer Architecture

Prof. Dr. M. Gogolla

Database Systems


Portrait Hochgeschwender

Prof. Dr. Hochgeschwender

Software Engineering for Cognitive Robots and Systems

Prof. Dr. R. Koschke



Prof. Dr. S. Maneth