Assigned and completed projects

Fourier meets the Bremen Town Musicians (Prof. Dr. Anke Pohl)
Linearizations of Inequalities for Mixed Discriminant (Dr. Eugenia Saorin-Gomez)
Twisted eigenfunctions of the Laplace operator (Prof. Dr. Anke Pohl)
Wave patterns in cellular automata for excitable media (Prof. Dr. Jens Rademacher)
Analysis of the influence of model equations on the objective function in a parameter identification problem (Prof. Dr. Christof Büskens)
Dynamical systems with substitutions 1 (Prof. Dr. Anke Pohl)
What is this? (Prof. Dr. Anke Pohl)
Arnold's cat map (Prof. Dr. Anke Pohl)
Robust regression of the output power of a gas-and-steam combined cycle power plant (Prof. Dr. Thorsten Dickhaus)
Discrete Lorenz Attractor (Prof. Dr. Jens Rademacher)
Controlling branch switching in numerical continuation with PDE2PATH (Prof. Dr. Jens Rademacher)
Dependence of income on sociodemographic characteristics (Prof. Dr. Thorsten Dickhaus)
Aperiodic order in quasicrystals and diffraction (Prof. Dr. Marc Keßeböhmer)
The Everything Formula (Prof. Dr. Anke Pohl)