Digital media and interaction

In the development history of computer science, the view of the computer has essentially changed from a machine to a tool to a medium. The context of use extends increasingly to the whole lifeworld, and interactivity becomes the guiding principle of new media. In the Digital Media and Interaction profile, questions of the use and design of digital media in various fields of application are discussed in particular. It is about adapting the human-computer interface (devices and forms of interaction) to the users and the context of use as well as technologies and algorithms for digital interaction from virtual reality to image and language processing. The profile is characterized by the combination of technical and social, algorithmic and aesthetic aspects.

Involved Working Groups

Prof. Dr. A. Breiter

Information Management


Prof. Dr. T. Döring

Human-Computer Interaction


Prof. Dr. R. Malaka

Digital Media


Prof. Dr. Dr. B. Niehaves

Digital Public