First aid

Emergency call in case of threatening injury or illness

Emergency call at the University of Bremen: dial (01) 112, emergency call outside (also EU-wide): dial 112

Where did it happen? - Place of accident or emergency, as precise information as possible
What happened? - Brief description of the emergency/accident
How many? - How many injured/ill people need help?
What type of injury or illness? - e.g. chest pain, burning, poisoning, unconsciousness, broken bones, shortness of breath
Wait for questions - do not end the call yourself!
Additional message to the central control room via emergency number 07
Pointing the way for approaching rescue forces

Handling and reporting occupational, service and commuting accidents

Employees and students are covered by a complete care and compensation system for accidents at work, on the job and on the way to and from work by contract doctors of the accident insurance institutions.

For such accidents, it is therefore not your own general practitioner who is responsible, but an authorisedmedical examiner (with the exception of eye, ear and tooth damage) who issues a written report.

Every self-treatment of injuries in the context of work must be noted in the association book (first aid room, 1st floor MZH 1170) in order to be able to provide evidence of any necessary medical aftercare or late effects.

Accidents at work, at work and on the way must be reported immediately to the university via the FB3 administration. Reporting procedures and forms differ for students, employees and civil servants.


Emergency call centre Uni Bremen
(first aid, accident, fire)
Phone: (01) - 112

Emergency call centres D/EU-wide
(first aid, accident, fire)
Phone: (01) - 112

Control room University
(technical emergency)
Uni-telephone: 07 (emergency)
mobile: 0421 - 218 - 07

Poison information (24h)

GIZ Univ. Göttingen
Phone: (01) - 0551 - 19240

hospital emergency admission
after an independent journey


St. - Jo­seph Stift
Schwach­hau­ser Heer­str. 54
Phone: (0421)-347-1222

Kli­ni­kum Bre­men-Mit­te
St. Jür­gen - Stra­ße 1
Phone: (0421)-497-5410

On-call doctor service
for acute treatment needs outside office hours

Kas­sen­ärzt­li­che Be­reit­schafts­diens­te Bre­men
Phone: (0421) - 116 117

DGUV Information 204-001 ŒErste Hilfe Plakat DIN A2
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First Aider