Stochastics and statistics

The mathematical discipline "Stochastics" comprises probability theory and statistics. Core topics in probability theory are the mathematical description of random phenomena (i. e., modeling) and the calculation of probabilities. Based on that, the main tasks of statistics are to draw conclusions on the basis of data about features of a probability model, or to develop appropriate procedures for doing so. Applications of stochastic methods play an important role in essentially all sciences and in many areas of society. Due to close interrelations between mathematics, computer science, and applications, yet again interesting research questions arise. Therefore, many qualification theses are written in stochastics / statistics.

At the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Stochastics and Statistics are currently mainly represented by the working groups of Prof. Werner Brannath, Prof. Thorsten Dickhaus, Prof. Vanessa Didelez, Prof. Marc Keßeböhmer, and Prof. Iris Pigeot. Main research topics are, among others, dynamical systems and ergodic theory, simultaneous statistical inference and adaptive designs, graphical models and causality as well as, more generally, the development of methods for the statistical analysis of clinical and epidemiological studies.

Stochastik Statistik

Involved Working Groups

Prof. Dr. Dickhaus

Mathematical statistics


Prof. Dr. Keßeböhmer

Stochastics and Dynamical Systems