Faculty Supervisors

Below you will find a list of the participating lecturers and their corresponding fields of research. The project topics are assigned on an individual basis by contacting the respective faculty members. For a list of topics not yet assigned, see current projects.


Research Focus

Prof. Dr. Werner BrannathStatistics & Stochastics
Prof. Dr. Christof BüskensOptimization
Prof. Dr. Thorsten DickhausStatistics & Stochastics
Prof. Dr. Vanessa DidelezStatistics
Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria FeichtnerAlgebra, Geometry & Topology
Prof. Dr. Dmitry Feichtner-KozlovAlgebra, Geometry & Topology
Prof. Dr. Marc KeßeböhmerDynamical Systems, Geometry & Stochastics
Prof. Dr. Peter MaaßInverse Problems
Prof. Dr. Nicole MegowCombinatorial Optimization
Prof. Dr. Anke PohlDynamical Systems & Number Theory
Prof. Dr. Andreas RademacherScientific Computing
Dr. Eugenia Saorin GomezAlgebra, Geometry & Topology
Prof. Dr. Alfred SchmidtNumerics of Partial Differential Equations
Prof. Dr. Anastasios StefanouApplied Algebraic Topology and Topological Data Analysis
PD Dr. Hendrik VogtApplied Analysis