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StugA / Stugen

Student representation of the faculty

A student council (in Bremen study programme committee ("Studiengangsausschuss", short "StugA", plural "Stugen")) is the student representation at subject level and as such the first point of contact for all students with questions about the course of studies and problems during their studies. In addition, the Stugen organise many events to introduce students to their studies or to help them with their further studies.

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At Faculty 3

In the Faculty Council

The Faculty Council ("Fachbereichsrat", short: FBR) is the highest decision-making body of the faculty. Here all other committees of the department are elected, e.g. examination boards, appointment committees or the study programme committee. The FBR decides on the department's budget, habilitations and appointment reports. It consists of 7 professors, 2 research assistants, 2 students and 2 other assistants.


Web presence of the Faculty Council

In the faculty committees

The students of the respective subjects are also represented in the various faculty committees (examination committees, Master's selection committees, study committees, joint decision-making committees, etc.). Contact can be established here directly with the respective representatives or via the StugA.


Overview of FB3 self-administration

Student Members


The non-profit association of the departmental student bodies Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Bremen e.V. (german abbreviation "FBMI e.V.") was founded in 2009 by members of the Stugen Mathematics and Computer Science. In the associations work, the Stugen of the faculty in particular are to be supported in their activities. The association is active in an advisory capacity and has no influence on the daily business of the Stugen.
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University-wide student representation

Students are represented by various committees across departments and the whole university.

Student Council

The Student Council (SR) is the highest decision-making body of the student body. The Student Council elects and controls the AStA and adopts guidelines and specifications for it. The Student Council consists of 25 students, other status groups are not represented. The meetings are chaired by the SR Presidium, which is elected by the SR from among its members.

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Mailing list of SR members and interested people:
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Contact address of the SR Presidium:
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The General Student Committee (AStA) represents the interests of students throughout the university. The AStA is officially divided into a board of directors and its speakers. The AStA is open for new ideas and projects, stands up visibly and actively for the rights of the student body and makes a strong contribution to political education at the university.
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In the Academic Senate

The Academic Senate (AS) is the highest central decision-making body of the university. It has a total of 22 members, consisting of 7 professors, 5 deans, 4 academic staff members, 4 students and 2 other staff members. The AS decides on the budget of the university, decides on the introduction and closure of study courses, as well as on the general part of the examination regulations of the university, which represents the framework for the respective examination regulations of the individual study courses.