Building services

Squaire staircase.

For electrical and other house-related problems, the MZH building services is available.

Contact us:
As a rule, please use the form attached below and put this in level 0 of the MZH in the letter box of the building services department (tram exit). In really urgent emergencies, please use the telephone numbers given below.

Building services engineering - Functional foreman (sometimes) MZH:
Mr. Schlüter, Tel. 60620

Key issuance
The key issue is ONLY on Tuesday in the MZH
from 10:00 to 11:00.

Control room
If you have technical problems and cannot reach one of the above numbers by telephone, please contact the control room (extension 2400). The control room will pass on your concerns and can be reached 24 hours a day. Even in emergencies, the control room must always be informed so that, for example, emergency aid can explain and clear access routes. Furthermore, the control room is responsible for the coordination and control of the more than 37,000 data points, from the control of locking systems to room alarm systems.

Click here to get more information regarding the control room.