This page provides a collection of links to web sites that offer automated assessments and self-learning materials for school mathematics.

This page is intended for potential students with the aim to study mathematics or mathematics education upper secondary level, as well as students in mathematics education primary level (P) and secondary level I (S1). For the latter, this collection provides good additional preparation for the aptitude test.

The online tests included on this page are all interactive. This means that you get feedback after taking them, which makes it easier for you to discover potential personal weaknesses. In some cases, the feedback consists only of a score, but sometimes an analysis of typical errors is provided in addition to complete solutions.

Since a large part of the mathematical test are written in English, we have not limited ourselves to German-language online tests. Behind each link you can find an indication of the language(s) offered. For translation problems, the German-English online dictionary is often helpful.

This German language site from Austria covers the material from grades 1 to 13 (and beyond). (DE)

Also on this domain you can find

a presentation of the assignment of the different chapters to school levels as well as references to the mathematical background of each chapter.

On the following pages you will find exercises for trigonometry, algebra and arithmetic either in German or English: (DE/EN)

The following link leads to a collection of online tests in several languages (depending on the subject). By clicking on the equal sign you get a solution for the task. (DE, EN, F, POR, RU, SP)

Under the following links random tests can be generated (Java script required). (EN)

On the following web page of the Texas Education Agency you will find tests sorted by different school levels (Grade 3 to Grade 11, End-of-Course and Exit Level). Click on "Mathematics." (EN)

The following web page provides the possibility to have self-entered arithmetic exercises solved. The topics are sorted by grade level.

Online math courses and more

If the previous tests have raised further questions about mathematics, or if you simply enjoy it, you can find answers and supplementary materials on the following web pages.

Additional and often well-researched articles about mathematical subjects can be found on the web pages of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. and