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Ute Bormann

A portrait of Ute Bormann
A Face of Faculty 3

Ute Bormann has been with the University of Bremen since August 1993. She studied computer science (diploma) at the TU Berlin. Ms. Bormann is a university lecturer for computer networks and heads the working group of the same name. She also teaches computer engineering and computer networks. She is Dean of Studies at Faculty 3 and is also responsible for various other tasks in self-administration, such as in the Examination Board for Computer Science, as a member of the Women's Representative and the GbAs Systems Engineering and Business Informatics.

In her spare time, Mrs. Bormann likes to travel, which she of course enjoys doing and capturing on pictures. Another great passion of hers is photography.

At Faculty 3 she particularly likes the open communication climate, the short distances and the decentralised examination office.

Dear Ute, thank you very much for the interview!