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Bremen Big Data Challenge 2024 starts

The Cognitive Systems Lab invites you to participate in the ninth Bremen Big Data Challenge (BBDC). Participants can compete against each other until March 31, 2024. In this data analysis competition, there are cash prizes worth a total of 1,500 Euro as well as attractive non-cash prizes to be won.

For the development of this year’s task, the BBDC team has been working closely together with researchers from the “human-centered systems lab“ (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). In addition, the BBDC is supported by the high-profile area “Minds, Media, Machines“, and the “DICE“ research group (Paderborn University). Participants have four weeks to develop clever algorithms and analysis methods to find patterns in labeled data in order to make predictions on unseen data.

Within the competition there is a Student Track and a Professional Track, each of which addresses different target groups.
After revising the BBDC concept last year and officially introducing the different tracks, we will close the BBDC 2024 with a new and very special event. Stay tuned!
In this year’s competition, biosignals recorded at job fairs shall be analyzed to predict emotions and context information.

Individuals or teams with up to 3 people can participate. Participation is free of charge. Students of computer science at the University of Bremen can have the competition credited as the practical part of the BBDC-seminar. The exact conditions of participation can be found on the BBDC website.

The cash prizes for the Student Track are sponsored by the companies “JUST ADD AI“ and “neuland – Büro für Informatik“ as well as by “Die Sparkasse Bremen“. They range from 100 Euro (5th place) to 500 Euro (1st place). In both tracks (Student and Professional), the winning teams will each be rewarded with a trophy, places 1-5 with medals, and all participants of the 30 best teams with attractive non-cash prizes.

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