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Effective behavior of random media | Prof. Felix Otto (MPI, Universität Leipzig)

Start Time: 18. January 2022, 16:00
End Time: 18. January 2022, 17:30
Kategorie: Fachbereich 3 - Kolloquien , Fachbereich 3 - Veranstaltungen

In engineering applications, heterogeneous media are often described in statistical terms. This partial knowledge is sufficient to determine the effective, i.e. large-scale behavior. This effective behavior may be inferred from the Representative Volume Element (RVE) method. I report on last years' progress on the quantitative understanding of what is called stochastic homogenization of elliptic partial differential equations: optimal error estimates of the RVE method and the homogenization error,  and the leading-order characterization of fluctuations. Methods connect to elliptic regularity theory and to concentration of measure arguments.