Global Game Jam 2024

This year's Global Game Jam (GGJ) took place from January 26-28, 2024. The event is comparable to a hackathon, where people come together in different locations for 48 hours to develop games on a central theme. It is organized worldwide in physical and virtual locations in over a hundred countries around the globe with tens of thousands of participants (jammers). We have been running the GGJ for 15 consecutive years now.

This year, after Corona, the GGJ finally took place again in the usual rooms in the PC lab of Faculty 3. We had 50 participants, who each created a game in nine teams. The winning game, The Adventures of Farty McFartface, was a perfect match for this year's jam motto, Make me Laugh. And thanks to the pizza donation from Contact-Software and game vouchers from BeamNG, all the jammers were motivated to keep going throughout the jam marathon.

A big praise and thank you to our organizers, donors and also to all participants.

The Organizers of the GGJ 2024, © I.Laumann
The Organizers of the GGJ 2024 (from left to right): Leon Dratzidis, Bastian Dänekas, Rachel Ringe, Mehrdad Bahrini und Nima Zargham