Mathematics (B.Sc., M.Sc.)Dr. Tim Haga [Mathematics]
Mathematics (double major subject) (B.Sc. and MEd.)Prof. Dr. Christine Knipping [Mathematics]
Dr. Ingolf Schäfer
Technomathematics (B. Sc., M.Sc.)Dr. Ronald Stöver [Mathematics]
Mathematics for Elementary TeachersProf. Dr. Maike Vollstedt [Mathematics]
Dr. Christoph Duchhardt
Medical Biometry / Biostatistics (M.Sc.)Dr. Stephan Kloep [Mathematics]
Computer ScienceProf. Dr. Ute Bormann [Computer Science]
Dr. Sabine Kuske [Computer Science]
Dr. Hui Shi [Computer Science]
Digital MediaClaudia Keßler [Computer Science]
Information Systems and ManagementProf. Dr. Ute Bormann [Computer Science]
Dr. Juliane Jarke [Computer Science]
Systems EngineeringFaculty 4
Computer ScienceProd. Dr. Frank Kirchner
Prof. Dr. Nicole Megow
MathematicsLars Siemer
Dr. Tim Haga
BAföG Digital MediaProf. Dr. Ute Bormann [Computer Science]
BAföG Computer ScienceProf. Dr. Ute Bormann [Computer Science]
BAföG Mathematics (B.A., B.Sc., L.A.)Prof. Dr. Marc Keßeböhmer [Mathematics]
Prof . Dr. Anke Pohl [Mathematics]
BAföG Mathematics / Technomathematics single major subject (B.A., B.Sc.)Prof. Dr. Christof Büskens [Mathematics]
Prof. Dr. Marc Keßeböhmer [Mathematics]
BAföG Information Systems and ManagementProf. Dr. Ute Bormann [Computer Science]
Recognition of credits in Computer ScienceDr. Sabine Kuske [Computer Science]
Coordinator for recognition of Specific Educational Science (FBW) coursesProf. Dr. Christine Knipping [Mathematics]
Dr. Ingolf Schäfer [Mathematics]
Recognition questions regarding the double degree bachelor course MathematicsProf. Dr. Christine Knipping [Mathematics]
Dr. Ingolf Schäfer [Faculty 3]
Recognition questions regarding Digital Media coursesProf. Dr. Gabriel Zachmann [Computer Science]
Recognition questions regarding Elementarmathematik coursesProf. Dr. Maike Vollstedt [Mathematics]
Dr. Ingolf Schäfer [Faculty 3]
Recognition questions regarding Elementarmathematik (FBW) didacticsProf. Dr. Maike Vollstedt [Mathematics]
Dr. Ingolf Schäfter

Recognition questions regarding mathematics and industrial mathematics (including the application subject): Examination board for the full subject of mathematics

It is strongly recommended that before submitting a formal application for recognition to the examination board, general study counseling takes place in/by the study center so that everyone involved is familiar with the essential facts before the formal treatment of any application begins.

Prof. Dr. Alfred Schmidt  [Mathematics]
Recognition questions regarding Systems Engineering coursesProf. Dr. Karl-Ludwig Krieger [Faculty 1]
Recognition questions Information Systems and Management coursesProf. Dr. Thorsten Poddig [Faculty 7]
Prof. Dr. Ute Bormann [Computer Science]
Coordinator for degree apprenticeships in Computer Science (DSI)Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter [Computer Science]
BFK NaWiProf. Dr. Marc Keßeböhmer [Mathematics]
Prof. Dr. Alfred Schmidt [Computer Science]
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Dickhaus [Mathematics]
Prof. Dr. Dmitry Feichtner-Kozlov (Chair of Algebra and Geometry) [Mathematik]
Prof. Dr. Anke Pohl [Mathematics]
Prof. Dr. Dieter Hutter [Computer Science]
Prof. Dr. Rainer Koschke [Computer Science]
Prof. Dr. Carsten Lutz [Computer Science]
LibraryProf. Dr. Jan Peleska [Computer Science]
Prof. Dr. Jens Gamst [Mathematics]
Deutsche Mathematiker-VereinigungProf. Dr. Anke Pohl [Mathematics]
Diversity officerN.N.
Placement examination coordinatorsLars Siemer [Mathematics]
Prof. Dr. Frank Kirchner [Computer Science]
Prof. Dr. Nicole Megow [Computer Science]
Dr. Tim Haga [Mathematics]
Erasmus coordinatorsProf. Dr. Eberhardt Oeljeklaus [Mathematics]
Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter [Computer Science]
Expert information system of SuUBProf. Dr. Jan Peleska [Computer Science]
Faculty Association Computer ScienceProf. Dr. Rolf Drechsler [Computer Science]
Gender equality officerProf. Dr. Ute Bormann [Computer Science]
Prof. Dr. Nicole Megow [Computer Science]
Dr. Sabine Kuske [Computer Science]
Anneke Haga [Computer Science]
Prof. Dr. Maike Vollstedt [Mathematics]
Eva Dierkes [Mathematics]
Fiene Bredow [Mathematics]
Franziska Eberle [Computer Science]
Daniela Schansker [Mathematics]
Jessica Winter
Enna Gerhard
International coordinatorProf . Dr. Anke Pohl [Mathematics]
Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter [Computer Science]
Prof. Dr. Dieter Hutter [Computer Science]
Konferenz der Mathematischen FachbereichePD Dr. Hendrik Vogt [Computer Science]
ColloquiaProf. Dr. Rolf Drechsler [Computer Science]
Prof. Dr. Christine Knipping [Mathematics]
Prof . Dr. Thorsten Dickhaus [Mathematics]
Double degree subject Bachelor Mathematics/Master of Education/GTW coordinatorsProf. Dr. Christine Knipping [Mathematics]
Dr. Ingolf Schäfer [Mathematics]
Teacher trainingProf. Dr. Christine Knipping [Mathematics]
Prof. Dr. Maike Vollstedt
Mentor for newly appointed HLProf. Dr. Rolf Drechsler [Informatik]
Internship coordinatorDr. Matthias Knauer [Mathematics]
Doctoral commiteeN.N.
Examination issues regarding double degree subject Bachelor/Master of Education/GTWDr. Ingolf Schäfer [Faculty 3]
Public RelationsDr. Dennis Küster [Computer Science]
studymathprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de [Mathematics]
Floor planning /MZH renovationProf. Dr. Rolf Drechsler [Computer Science]
Prof. Dr. Dmitry Feichtner-Kozlov (Chair of Algebra and Geometry) [Mathematik]
IT AdministratorProf. Dr. Jan Peleska [Computer Science]
SchoolProf. Dr. Christine Knipping [Mathematics]
Safety officer
Faculty 3
Kai Baumgarte [Faculty 3]
Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Forgber [Faculty 3]
Patrick Mania [Computer Science]
Dipl. Inform. Mattias Werner [Faculty 3]
Ladders and steps officerGeorg Holtsteger [Faculty 3]
Transfer officerProf. Dr. Christof Büskens [Mathematics]