CHE Ranking: Good Grades for Master’s Degrees

Praise for the university in the current CHE Ranking: Master’s degrees in mathematics, computer science, and physics receive great marks. Additionally, students praised the university’s management for information management during the corona crisis.

In the current CHE Ranking, the master’s degrees in computer science, mathematics, and physics - for the first time - were assessed according to different categories.

“We are very pleased about this fantastic evaluation,” says Vice President Academic, Professor Thomas Hoffmeister. “It is very important to the University of Bremen that the students are well informed and supported, even in these difficult times.” The commitment of teachers and staff is extremely high. “That is reflected in the CHE Ranking.”

Top Spot in Category “Transfer between Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree”

The master’s degree course in computer science was given top marks by students in the category “Transfer between Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree.” Around 96 percent of the students also praised the opportunity to determine one’s own specialization. Over 90 percent of the students evaluated the access to lectures, as well as the coordination of various class parts as being good, or even very good. Teaching staff’s ability to accept criticism and the willingness to improve classes was also assessed positively by 90 percent of the students.

Praise for University Executive Board’s Information Management

In the special assessment part of studying during the corona pandemic, 85 percent of the computer science students praised the university’s information management and over 95 percent certified good / really good technical framework conditions. The category “Reliability and Frequency of Digital Feedback from Teaching Staff” must also be emphasized with 91 percent of students providing positive feedback.

In mathematics, the University of Bremen received top marks for research funding per researcher and PhD completions per professor. The master’s degree in physics won over students with regard to access to classes (90 percent), the class sizes (86 percent), and the provision of information concerning organizational aspects of the degree (80 percent).

The special category “Corona” once more made the University Executive Board’s successful information management clear among students (80 percent). Additionally, the diversity of digital teaching content in degree courses (71 percent) and the technical framework conditions (73 percent) were assessed as being good and very good.

About the CHE Ranking

The CHE ranking examines more than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences throughout Germany.  It collates information on a total of 30 subjects  and each subject is reevaluated every three years.  Many prospective and current students take careful note of the CHE ranking.  The subject fields of biochemistry, biology / bio sciences, chemistry, geography, geosciences, computer science, mathematics, medicine, nursing science, pharmacy, physics, political studies, sport / sport science, and dentistry were assessed this year.  The weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT published the entire ranking results in the ZEIT study guide for 2020/21 and on the ZEIT CAMPUS ONLINE website.

Further Information:

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Das Bild zeigt Studierende im Gebäude MZH, wo sich der Fachbereich Mathematik/Informatik befindet. Die Physik ist im Gebäude NW1 auf dem Campus. Alle drei Fächer haben im CHE-Ranking gut abgeschnitten.