Courses taught in English

Most courses at the Institute of History are taught in German. Nevertheless, we regularly offer some courses exclusively in English, which you will find listed below.

08-28-HIS-7.3.1: History of Sexuality: Knowledge, Politics and Everyday Life before the Sexual Revolution

08-28-HIS-7.6.1: Racial Capitalism in American History

08-28-GS-1: Colloquium on East European History

08-M27-1-PG-A1-1: Introduction to European Prehistoric Archaeology

08-M27-1-PG-A1-2: Methods of European Prehistoric Archaeology

09-GS-03-04: British Propaganda Directed at Nazi Germany, 1938-1945

Most of our staff usually agree to an examination in English if you wish to attend a course taught in German.
If you need further information do not hesitate to contact our ERASMUS staff.

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