The team of the Working Group on Family-Friendly Studies

Katja Katz

Hey, I'm Katja and I've been with AG FFS for two years now. I have a small son and I am at the end of my master studies (teaching degree Gym / OS).

Saskia Azzouz-Heins

Hi, I'm Saskia and I'm studying for a Master's degree in Transcultural Studies. I'm currently writing my master's thesis and I'm a mother of two small children. I joined the AG in August 2023.

Jarmila Rakowski

Hi, my name is Jarmila and I have been working for the AG FFS since September 2022. I study sociology and educational sciences in my bachelor's degree.


We are your student representation for the concerns of you - students with care tasks. 
Together, we want to make the university a more family-friendly place.  You are  
Welcome to join us at any time - you are not alone. We look forward to seeing you!