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Paulina Abril Villagómez Mondragón (Mexico) visiting Prof. Callsen/Prof. Gutowski

June 3 to August 12

Paulina Abril Villagómez Mondragón from International Laboratory of Environment Electron Devices (LAIDEA) visiting Prof. Callsen/Prof. Gutowski (FB1, Solid State Physics, Semiconductor Optics)

My research stay at the University of Bremen from June 3 to August 12 in the group of Prof. Callsen/Prof. Gutowski, Semiconductor Optics, Inst. of Solid State Physcis, FB1, was focused on studying the photoluminescence and photocatalytic activity of GaN and InGaN nanowires to degrade a highly used dye and a medicament.

For this purpose, photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy was carried out on the GaN and InGaN nanowire samples, using a HeCd laser as an excitation light source, while the morphology of the samples was characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). To evaluate the photocatalytic activity of the samples for the pyrromethene 567 dye under UV illumination, a setup based on the infrastructure of the Institute of Solid-State Physics was built.

This experience has allowed me to discuss and learn from the optical spectroscopy and semiconductor experts as well as to understand the theoretical and experimental fundamentals of specific techniques such as Raman and PL spectroscopy. With this experience, I have further explored a very potential application of GaN as an exciting material to address an environmental and technological need of global interest, i.e., the degradation of pollutants in water.

I would like to thank Prof. Dr. Gordon Callsen and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Gutowski for enabling and supporting this project in the Semiconductor Optics Group, and for the many fruitful discussions. I thank Prof. Dr. Martin Eickhoff for passing the GaN and InGaN nanowire samples to carry out the experiments.

I deeply thank MAPEX for giving me the opportunity to do this research stay at the University of Bremen since it was an enriching experience for my personal and academic development. I acknowledge further a partial support by the International Office of U Bremen.

Finally I acknowledge support by Dr. A. Castro-Carranza based on her connection with the University of Bremen and the IFP as a Research Ambassador for Mexico and her guidance in the preparation of this project.

Paulina Abril Villagomez Mondragon
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