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Rabbia Naz from Pakistan visiting Prof. Lutz Mädler

Synthesis and Characterization of LMO-Nanoparticles for Li-ion Batteries

I am Rabbia Naz. I have completed my stay at the University of Bremen for one month (6th September to 4thOctober 2022). I worked in the group of Professor Lutz Mädler, using Flame Spray Pyrolysis for the synthesis of nanomaterials, IWT. I focused on the study of LMO-based electrode materials with the addition of Al-doping. Moreover, I have performed characterization techniques and measurements for the prepared samples.

In this project, I have prepared up to seven samples of LMO with varying concentrations of Aluminum doping (1 to 5%). I have worked for single and double-flame pyrolysis. To evaluate the structure and properties of prepared samples, we have used X-ray Diffraction Spectroscopy and Raman Spectroscopy. Further, the bandgap of samples has been measured by using UV-Visible Spectroscopy. The pore size and surface area of the nanoparticles have been measured using BET. During my short stay at Uni-Bremen, I have hands-on experience working with flame spray pyrolysis. It was very useful to understand the concepts of basic characterization techniques through experienced guidance and hands-on working opportunities. With this experience, I have to build a strong foundation for my future research projects.

I am grateful to Professor Lutz Mädler and Dr. Suman Pokhrel for their assistance and support to complete my stay at Uni-Bremen. I would like to thank Ph.D. Scholar Jakob Stahl and bachelor student Tim Klotz for their support in carrying out experiments and characterization techniques. I am thankful to my friend Syeda Afsheen Zehra for sharing this exchange opportunity and helping me throughout the process.

I am thankful to MAPEX for the financial support and opportunity to work and gain experience in one of the most prestigious departments. It is not only an addition to my international work experience but also my personality development.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the support of my MS thesis Supervisor Dr. Ghulam Ali from USPCAS-E, NUST for his supervision and help that enabled me to get this opportunity.

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