5,000 new students take up studies at the University of Bremen

Following an orientation week designed to take the stress out of starting university studies, the new lecture classes at the University of Bremen began on 25th October. This winter semester 2010/2011 some 5,000 students commenced their university studies. The University had received more than 20,000 applications – a new record for the University of Bremen. This brings the total number of young people studying at the University this winter semester up to 18,000.

Of the 5,000 “newcomers”, 3,600 are entering undergraduate studies for the first time, while more than 1,350 are enrolled on Master programs. A striking aspect of these student numbers is that nearly every fourth student will be a fresher – so the University of Bremen is getting younger!

Also young, in fact being offered this semester for the very first time, are the new degree programs Electrical Engineering/Information Technology (Bachelor), Clinical Psychology (Master) and Professional Public Decision Making (Master).  The most popular degree programs, though, are still the “old favorites” of Psychology, Teacher Training, Law, Biology, Business Administration and German Studies. It is refreshing to see that interest in the so-called MINT subjects continues to grow (Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Science and Engineering). Much in demand are studies in the engineering sciences and teacher training for upper-level secondary education. Most students at the University of Bremen are enrolled in the economic and social sciences.