CHE Ranking: University Supports Degree Start Well

In the current university ranking by the Centre for Higher Education development (CHE), the majority of the assessed university subjects take top spots in terms of the evaluation of support for degree starts. Furthermore, individual areas also landed on the top spots in other categories.

In the “Support at the Start of Studies” category, four degree courses from the University of Bremen took the top spots: Management and Electrical Engineering, Management and Production Engineering, Business Studies, and Information Systems and Management. Moreover, the Management and Production Engineering degree course was also part of three top groups of the CHE student survey: the assessment of the class offer, the degree organization, and the career orientation offers. The Information Systems and Management degree course got the best possible mark in the student survey for its IT infrastructure.

Differentiated Quality Management

“The university has invested a great deal of money into the support programs for degree starts in the past years,” says vice president academic, Professor Thomas Hoffmeister. The university also applies differentiated quality management in the fields of teaching and studies. There is so-called student monitoring regularly. The results are always passed on to the faculties, who can then further develop offers and measures for the support of their students. There are a number of special preliminary courses, tutorials, and individual consultations for those who are starting to study. “It is pleasing to see that this great effort is positively reflected in the CHE ranking,” states the vice president.

Third-Party Funding: Faculty of Law and Faculty of Business Studies & Economics in Top Groups

However, the CHE ranking not only assesses topics concerning studying. That is how two faculties at the University of Bremen also scored well in the “Third-Party Funding per Scientist” category. The Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Business Studies & Economics both landed in top groups.

Senator: “Support for Degree Starts Is of Central Importance for Us”

“We are happy about how well the University of Bremen has scored,” says the senator for science and ports, Dr. Claudia Schilling. “It shows once more that the Bremen universities belong in the leading national groups in various areas. The topic of support for degree starts is of central importance for us, as a proper transition, for example from school to university, is a significant requirement for a successful degree.

About the CHE Ranking

The CHE ranking examines more than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences throughout Germany. It collates information on a total of 30 subjects and each subject is reevaluated every three years. Many prospective and current students take careful note of the CHE ranking. The subject fields of business studies, institutional economics, economics, information systems and management, engineering and management, economic law, social work, law, and for the first time ever – economic psychology – were assessed this year. The weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT published the entire ranking results in the ZEIT study guide for 2019/20 and on the ZEIT CAMPUS ONLINE website.

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Students are to be supported in the best possible way at the University of Bremen. That is why the university applies differentiated quality management.