First International Day at the University of Bremen

Indian Bollywood dancing, reggae rhythms and African gospel singing: add some 30 or so information stands – and you have the first International Day at the University of Bremen. Communities and culture groups are getting ready for the event that starts at 11.30 a.m. on the Campus Boulevard on 7th July 2012. A stage will be erected for performances held by dance ensembles from China, India, Pakistan and Iran. The show, which also includes the reggae band “Coffee Full Flavoured”, will be full of variety. Admittance is free and there is no need to register in advance.

About 30 different institutions will also be present on the Boulevard to provide interested visitors with information on their work. Among those represented will be the Islamische Hochschulverband, a group representing Moslem members of universities in Bremen, the Goethe Institute, and the association which calls itself “Africa is also in Bremen!” In case it rains, everything will be moved from the Boulevard into the glass entrance hall. Running parallel to the event, a number of talks will be held in the Studierhaus, covering topics like the “Fiction and Reality of Russian Stereotypes”, Erasmus-Feeling in Bremen, and work opportunities in Germany for international students. You can find details of the whole program under

The idea stems from “kompass-forum international”

The International Day is being organized jointly by the Vice Rector for Intercultural and International Affairs and the International Office of the University of Bremen. The idea stems from the program entitled “kompass-forum international” that was started at the University of Bremen in 2011. The aim is to bolster the success chances of international students in face of the particularly high drop-out rate in Germany. “kompass-forum international” wants to highlight the international engagement of various actors on the University campus and contribute towards closer networking via shared events like the International Day. Thirteen international student communities have been founded at the University of Bremen since the program “kompass-forum international” was started one year ago. “We can be proud of this number”, says Nurten Kurnaz, a student assistant in “compass”. Such a large network of communities is unique for universities in Germany. You can obtain more information under

For further information contact:

Universität Bremen
International Office / Projekt kompass
Dr. Jutta Paal
Phone:+49 0421/218-60363
E-Mail: jutta.paalprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Die linke Gesichtshälfte eines Mannes vor dem Logo der Initiative kompass international
Erster International Day an der Uni Bremen am 07. Juni 2012