Institute Is Looking for Smokers for Study

The Institut für Public Health und Pflegeforschung is looking for participants for a new study. “Smoking in everyday life” is the name of the research topic. The institute is looking for people who smoke at least ten cigarettes a day on average.

What thoughts and emotions are associated with smoking in different everyday situations? How do smokers assess their own risk? In which situations do they generally smoke and in which do they not? These are the most important questions of the research project. The investigation period is three weeks. There are also three appointments at the institute on Bremen’s university campus or at the Bremen Public Library.

Smartphone Ready To Hand

What must volunteers who want to participate in the study do? “During these three weeks, volunteers should carry the smartphone we give them with them all the time. With the exception of when they sleep, of course,” says Christopher Jones, who is conducting the study under the direction of Professor Benjamin Schüz. The participants can go about their daily lives without restrictions. However, they will be asked to document each cigarette they smoke using the survey program and answer short questions. In addition, the participants will be asked further questions at random times a maximum of five times a day. These are displayed on the smartphone. “None of the surveys take more than a few minutes to complete,” Jones points out. The volunteers are paid an expense allowance during their visits to the institute.

Conditions of Participation:

Conditions for participation in the study are: A consumption of at least ten cigarettes per day. Volunteers should not intend to quit smoking in the foreseeable future, and they must have sufficient knowledge of the German language.

Christopher Jones
Research associate
Institut für Public Health und Pflegeforschung (IPP)
Tel.: +49 421 218-68888

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A woman smoking cigarette
Conditions for participation in the study are: A consumption of at least ten cigarettes per day.