New ZEIT Supplement “H2B”: What brings Students to the Weser?

How does PhD student Malgorzata Goldhoorn benefit from the Excellence Initiative? What is it that biology student Barbara Safaric from Croatia finds so good about Bremen? What sort of work is the research assistant Nicolas Darkow carrying out at the German Aerospace Center? “If you will? Excellence! What Brings Students and Graduates to the Weser” is the title of the second issue of the student magazine “H2B”, which appears as a supplement with all issues of the ZEIT newspaper (14th February) and the student magazine ZEIT CAMPUS (19th February). It can also be found in the chamber publications “Wirtschaft in Bremen” and “Wirtschaft an Strom und Meer”.

The 32-page magazine reports in an original, spirited and humorous way why living and studying in Bremen and Bremerhaven is so worthwhile. This wasn’t scripted by the editor in chief. Rather, “H2B” asked Isabell Harder from the Faculty of Production Engineering of the University of Bremen. Writing for the column “Moin”, the German Studies graduate and public relations appointee of the Faculty relates why she today would probably have chosen a so-called MINT subject. MINT stands for Mathematics, Informatics, the Natural Sciences, and Engineering, and is the issue’s main feature. Under the heading “Klönschnack mit Friesentee” [chatting over a Friesian “cuppa”], two high-school graduates interview the Head of the Alfred-Wegener Institute (AWI), Prof. Karin Lochte, on how to make a career and rise to the top of such a renowned research institute. The magazine also contains tips on where to go out, everything you need to know about the Bremen peppermint rock candy known as “Babbeler“, and how to manage bringing up children while studying in the city state.

The magazine is produced by TEMPUS CORPORATE publishing – a subsidiary of the ZEIT newspaper – on behalf of Bremen’s economic development council, the Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen, and has a circulation of approx. 738,000.

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