Outstanding Research by Pupils

On December 3, 2021, the University of Bremen and the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation honored pupils from the region for their outstanding prescientific papers. The Dr. Hans Riegel Awards are endowed with a total of 6,400 euros.

A total of 15 papers from pupils of the following schools were honored: Altes Gymnasium, Europaschule Schulzentrum Utbremen, Freie Evangelische Bekenntnisschule, Gymnasium Horn, Kippenberg Gymnasium, St.-Johannis-Schule, Lloyd Gymnasium, and Schulzentrum Carl von Ossietzky in Bremerhaven. Several project papers from the fields of biology, chemistry, geography, computer sciences, mathematics, and physics were submitted to the University of Bremen for the Dr. Hans Riegel Award. These were judged by a jury comprised of researchers. A particular focus was placed on a creative topic and a clearly recognizable, practical part in the form of experiments.

Gaining Outstanding, Young Scientists

In the frame of an online ceremony, the winners received the Dr. Hans Riegel Awards. “For the fifth time now, we are very pleased to honor promising young talent together with the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation. We would, of course, have liked to have done this at an in-person ceremony. We still made the best of the situation and are proud of our winners. Despite the difficult challenges of the past school year, they have produced inspiring papers. We would be happy to welcome many of the award winners as students,” said Hoffmeister, Vice President Academic at the University of Bremen.

Beginning of Sustainable Support

Prof. Ingeborg Henzler, executive board member of the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation adds: “Finding and supporting talent, accompanying and connecting said talent - that is one of the points of focus of the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation. We see an important basis for the securing and shaping of our ecological and economic future in the support of STEM education! The Dr. Hans Riegel Awards are a good example of this. We are pleased that we are awarding the Dr. Hans Riegel Awards once more together with the University of Bremen and will continue to do so in the future. Many thanks to all those involved.”

Senator for Science and Ports Dr. Claudia Schilling is pleased that the Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation intends to maintain its connection to the University of Bremen. “The Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation has set itself the goal of motivating young people, of supporting them and strengthening them for their future. They have the chance to come into contact with research at an early stage by means of the awards. The Dr. Hans Riegel Awards perfectly complement the school cooperations at the University of Bremen that have been established for many years. Thus, for me, this cooperation is an important part of our Bremen STEM strategy with which we can bring young people closer to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and support them.

Dr. Hans Riegel Foundation and Its Awards

The foundation belonging to the former HARIBO co-owner Dr. Hans Riegel is especially active in the support of education – with an aim of helping young people to design their own future. The Dr. Hans Riegel Awards are endowed as follows: first place receives 600 euros, second place receives 400 euros, and the third place receives 200 euros. Moreover, the schools of the first place prize winners receive a non-cash prize of around 250 euros as a recognition of the teaching staff supervision of the pupils’ papers. The prizes are awarded in cooperation with 15 German universities. Depending on the university, papers on natural sciences, computer sciences, and mathematics can be submitted. As only outstanding papers are honored, it may sometimes be the case that prizes are not awarded in all of the three advertised categories and not for all three places.

Further Information:

Details on the individual winners and their work can be found (in German) here:


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