University Switches Entirely to Online Classes

The university is completely switching to online classes. Classes will only take place digitally until initially January 10, 2021. This new regulation also affects laboratory sessions and learning spaces on campus.

The University of Bremen is tightening its corona regulations based on the pandemic situation. After the political decision was made to greatly restrict public life in Germany and the Senator for Science and Ports met with the universities, it was decided that no face-to-face classes will take place between Wednesday, December 16, and January 10, 2021. All classes will take place online.

Regulation Affects Laboratory Sessions, Examinations, and Final Theses

It is no longer possible for students to book learning spaces on campus. Bremen State and University Library (SuUB) will also not be open to the public during this time.

The new regulation also affects laboratory work: Teaching formats that cannot be digitalized, e.g. laboratory sessions and similar, will be postponed, cancelled, or will be replaced with digital formats.

Face-to-face examinations are also affected. They will be postponed or replaced with digital formats.

The completion of bachelor’s and master’s theses that depend on university resources, for example laboratories, will be interrupted. Exceptions will only be made in individual hardship cases when the lack of access to laboratories or instruments for example would lead to considerable, individual disadvantages in the further course of studies. Students are asked to contact the relevant academic dean in such cases in order to agree upon a deadline extension.

“We are not pleased to have to make this decision but the protection of health is our first priority,” says Professor Thomas Hoffmeister, vice president academic at the University of Bremen. The development of the infection rates in Germany is worrying. Therefore, the opportunity to reduce all contact to a minimum over the holiday – not only privately but also on campus – should be taken.

Decisions Based on Five-Level System

Since the beginning of the winter semester, a five-level plan at the University of Bremen has made it possible for the teaching and studying conditions to be continually amended to fit with the pandemic developments. Level 1 applied in the recent past. This meant that all forms of face-to-face teaching were possible on campus with smaller cohorts and under adherence to the hygiene regulations. The main reason for this was that the university wished to give freshmen the chance to settle more easily in their degree. The university moved to level 3 last Friday. Level 4 is now in place with immediate effect and will remain in place until January 10, 2021.



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