International Research Alumni Visit the University

Since 2015, the university has appointed eleven research ambassadors – international scholars who have conducted research at the University of Bremen and now promote the university and the work conducted there around the world. Six of them visited Bremen for a three-day workshop.

University President Professor Jutta Günther, Vice President for International Affairs, Academic Qualification, and Diversity Dr. Mandy Boehnke, and Dr. Marejke Baethge-Assenkamp, Director of the International Office, welcomed the international guests and informed them about current developments at the University of Bremen. The workshop, organized by the University of Bremen Welcome Center, also served as an opportunity for participants to exchange insights on the handling of the corona pandemic as well as on sustainability and communication strategies of their respective research institutions. Furthermore, the U Bremen Research Alliance, the University of Bremen Alumni Network, the YUFE project (Young Universities for the Future of Europe), and the BYRD (Bremen Early Career Researcher Development) center for young researchers introduced themselves to the participants and provided insights into their work.

The research ambassadors of the University of Bremen are points of contact at their respective home institutions for students and early career researchers who are interested in studying or taking up a research stay in Bremen. Additionally, they should assist, if possible, in establishing a network of former students and researchers of the University of Bremen in the countries where they carry out research and teach after their stay in Bremen.

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Die Research Ambassadors mit Mitarbeitenden der Universität sowie Universitätsrektorin Professorin Jutta Günther, Dr. Mandy Boehnke, Konrektorin für Internationalität, wissenschaftliche Qualifizierung und Diversität, und Dr. Marejke Baethge-Assenkamp, Leiterin des International Office.
The Research Ambassadors with University President Professor Jutta Günther (7th from right), Dr. Mandy Boehnke, Vice President for International Affairs, Academic Qualification, and Diversity (6th from left), Dr. Marejke Baethge-Assenkamp, Director of the International Office (3rd from left) as well as university staff.