BIQuaM - Bremer Initiative für Qualitative Methoden

A white sculpture in the GW2 building.


The Bremer Initiative Qualitative Methoden BIQuaM goes back to 2002 and consists of five departments. The aim of the initiative is to ground qualitative methods in teaching and research at the University of Bremen.

An interdisciplinary network shall be set up internally and externally through a cross-departmental exchange between colleagues. The initiative is aimed at all colleagues who are interested in qualitative methods, young researchers and PhD students as well as students of all study programs.

The location of the network is a colloquium taking place every semester from which further activities are planned as well as an all-day workshop with practical exercises at the end of each semester.


The initiative shall

  • serve the exchange between colleagues
  • acknowledge the pluralism of approaches in qualitative methods
  • provide consulting competence
  • engage in education and training in qualitative methods
  • strengthen international cooperation
  • promote cooperative culture
  • speak out and network with other initiatives


FB 8 - Social Science, Prof. Dr. Uwe Schimank
FB 9 - Cultural Studies, Prof. Dr. Friedrich Krotz
FB 10 - Languages and Literary Studies, Prof. Dr. Matthis Kepser
FB 11 - Human- and Health Sciences, Prof. Dr. Birgit Volmerg
FB 12 - Pedagogy and Educational Sciences, Prof. Dr. Till-Sebastian Idel and Prof. Dr. Norbert Ricken and
about 30 participating colleagues from these departments

Coordination and contact: Dr. Rixta Wundrak

BIQuaM is supported by the interdisciplinary professorship of the main scientific area of Social Science: Prof. Dr. Betina Hollstein