University of Bremen as an economic factor

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The University of Bremen is first and foremost an academic institution; its "products" are excellent research results and outstanding education. However, it is also an economic factor that has a particular impact on the city and state of Bremen and the north-west metropolitan region.

We have compiled some facts and figures for you on these pages to show the economic impact of the University of Bremen.


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Regional income and employment effects

The University of Bremen spends around 300 million euros annually. Together with the private consumer spending of the university's students, this triggers considerable regional value creation and employment effects.

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Innovation effects

The University of Bremen is at the heart of the regional innovation system. It attracts young people to the region and supplies the regional labour market with well-trained young specialists and managers. Young, innovative companies that emerge as spin-offs from the university create highly qualified jobs and contribute to regional structural change. Further impetus for innovation comes from the University of Bremen via transfer channels such as contract and cooperative research, scientific services, inventions and property rights as well as the continuing education programmes.

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Further information on science as an economic factor

Here you will find a selection of studies, expertises etc. that deal with the economic importance of the University of Bremen and the Bremen science system. We have also compiled sources on the economic importance of science in other regions for you.