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List of employees

Keonhi Son


Since 2018      Doctoral candidate, Bremen International Graduate School of Social Science, Bremen

Thesis title: “Influence of the ILO Maternity Protection Conventions on the Historical Development of Paid Maternity Leave in the World

Grade: pass with distinction

Thesis Supervisors: Prof. Sonja Drobnič, Prof. Peter Mayer, Prof. Rianne Mahon

2018                Master of Arts in Political ScienceUniversity of Heidelberg, Department of Political Science, Heidelberg, Grade: 1,3

2014                Bachelor of Arts in English Language and LiteratureKorea University, Seoul, Korea.


Son, Keonhi. (forthcoming). Colonialism and Paid Maternity Leave Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa, forthcoming In I. Dobrotić, S, Blum, & A. Koslowski (Eds.), Research Handbook on Leave Policy, London, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar.

Son, Keonhi., & Böger, Tobias. (2021). The Inclusiveness of Maternity Leave Rights over 120 Years and across Five Continents, in: Social Inclusion 9(2), 275-287.

Son, Keonhi., Böger, Tobias., Tonelli, Simone., Buhr, Petra., Drobnič, Sonja. & Huinink, Johannes., (2020). Codebook of Historical Database on Maternity Leave (HDML), SFB 1342 Technical Paper Series/2/2020, Bremen, Germany: SFB 1342, available at: “”.

Son, Keonhi & Zohlnhöfer, Reimut., (2019). Measuring Privatization: Comparing Five Indicators of the Disposition of State-Owned Enterprises in Advanced Democracies, in: Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice, 21 (4), 402-422.

*The Annual JCPA Best Article Award, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, International Comparative Policy Analysis Forum.

Manuscript in Progress

Son, Keonhi. Ship of Theseus: from ILO Standards to Outcome Maternity Protection Policy, revised (minor revision) and resubmitted to Journal of Social Policy.

Son, Keonhi. Do International Labour Organization Conventions Only Have an Impact on Ratifying States?: the Influence of the Maternity Protection Conventions in 160 States, 1884 until 2018, submitted to International Labour Review.

Son, Keonhi. The Origin of Social Policy for Women Workers: the Emergence of Paid Maternity Leave in 18 Advanced Economies.

Research Experience

Formation and Diffusion of Family Policy in Global Perspective, University of Bremen, Bremen

  • Doctoral researcher, 2018-2021. Construction of historical datasets of leave policies that cover paid maternity, paternity, and parental policies in 165 countries from the 1880s until 2018.

Patterns of Law-Making in Germany’s Multilevel System, Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES), Mannheim

  • Research Assistant for Dr. Christian Stecker, 2017-2017, Data preparation of parliamentary readings in German federal states using text mining technique for a German Research Foundation Project (DFG) “Patterns of law-making in Germany’s multilevel system”.

University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg

  • Research Assistant for Prof. Dr. Andreas Fuchs, 2017, Data preparation for German Research Foundation Project (DFG), “The Economics of Emerging Donors in Development Cooperation”.
  • Research Assistant for Dr. Thomas Wencker and Dr. Christoph. 2017, Trinn, Data preparation for International Diffusion and Cooperation of Authoritarian Regimes (IDCAR) Project, “International Cooperation in Countering Transnational Conflict”.
  • Research Assistant for Prof. Dr. Reimut Zohlnhöfer, 2016-2017, Preparation of a publication that compares various privatization indicators.

Teaching Experience

University of Bremen, Bremen

  • Family policy in the world, Bachelor Seminar, Winter 2020/21.

Grants and Awards

Research Grant for Field Work (7,500 €), Global Dynamics of Social Policy CRC 1342, 2020.

The Annual JCPA Best Article Award (with Reimut Zohlnhöfer), Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, International Comparative Policy Analysis Forum, 2019.


International Network on Leave Policies & Research, Junior affiliate, since 2020.