Research for the Future of Wind Energy

On 25th May 2012 a celebration took place to mark the official commissioning of the new wind energy research facility. The wind turbine, 180 meters high and named “UNI Bremen”, has already been feeding electricity into the national grid since last January. Now the trial period is over the research work can begin. It is also planned to integrate the facility in the academic teaching and further training activities.

The project is a joint effort on the part of the University of Bremen, Bremen’s Senator for Construction and the Environment, and the Economic Development Council of Bremen (WfB). Main actors are the Varel company Deutsche WinGuard GmbH, a service provider in the wind energy sector who put up the finance, and Bremen University’s Institute of Measuring Technology, Automation and Quality Science (BIMAQ).

“This research facility strengthens Bremen’s position as a regional center for high-tech engineering,” says Prof.Dr.Rolf Drechsler, Vice Rector for Research and Young Researchers at the University of Bremen. “The University of Bremen sees wind energy as a vital area of research. This facility underlines the importance it has for us. It opens up some exceptional opportunities – including interesting offers for students and young researchers.”

“An unparalleled opportunity for research!”

The project involves two new research facilities that are unique in the whole of Germany: the Inside Sensoring Laboratory and a laboratory for testing large-scale gear wheels. Both are funded by the German Ministry for the Environment. “This new facility for research on wind energy provides further proof of Bremen’s expertise in this increasingly important future technology”, says Dr.Joachim Lohse, Senator for the Environment, Construction and Transport in the Federal State of Bremen during his opening address. It illustrates a degree of commitment that seeks its match anywhere. “The change in energy policy can only be successfully implemented by bundling competencies from science and the economy and in close cooperation with policy makers and government. This project is impressive evidence of how this can function in practice”, says Lohse.

The University of Bremen and Deutsche WindGuard have already been cooperating in the field of research for over ten years, and the idea of establishing a joint research WEA was born very soon after this cooperation first began. The objective is to bring about sustainable improvements in the performance, life cycle and environmental compatibility of all sizes of WEA.

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Drei Männer stehen auf der Gondel einer Windenergieanlage. Sie tragen Klettergurte und Schutzhelme.
v.l.: Konrektor Prof. Rolf Drechsler, Senator für Umwelt, Bau und Verkehr des Landes Bremen Dr. Joachim Lohse und Geschäftsführer der Deutsche WindGuard GmbH Dr. Knud Rehfeld bei der Einweihung der Forschungs-Windenergieanlage der Uni Bremen. Foto: Ken