Exploding Chocolate Marshmallow, Unusual Light Bulb, Burning Iron

The team of environmental physicists Dr. Matthias Buschmann and Prof. Justus Notholt and chemist Dr. Stephan Leupold are once again offering a digital Advent calendar in the natural sciences in 2022. An experiment on the university’s YouTube channel will be available every day from Dec. 1 to 24.

The success of the past two years was enormous: the experiments of the two Advent calendars of 2020 and 2021 were viewed more than 3.2 million times so far!

“As our previous digital Advent calendars have been so popular, we want to offer our viewers another exciting experiment on the web,” says Professor Justus Notholt.

This year, the scientists will present 24 new experiments from the fields of physics and chemistry. “For example, we show a race between three toy cars, a growing chocolate marshmallow, an unusual light bulb, and burning iron. We wish all spectators, both young and old, lots of fun!” says chemist Stephan Leupold. 

The playlist of the Advent calendar can be found here from December 1 onwards:


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Mann macht Experiment
Kitchen studio or science? In one of the Advent calendar videos, Professor Justus Notholt hits a knife into a sweet potato with a hammer. Why doesn’t the potato fall down? This and other exciting experiments from chemistry and physics are presented by researchers in their Advent calendar.