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Fiona Lanigan

Fiona Lanigan

Student in Communication and Media Studies and English-Speaking Cultures

Fiona Lanigan, Studentin der Universität Bremen

"I am committed to the integration and academic success of international students."

Fiona studies Communication and Media Studies as well as English-Speaking Cultures at the University of Bremen. She particularly enjoys creating media, organising events and interacting with many different people. She also does all of this in the International Office as part of the kompass team. In her work, Fiona supports international students to help them not only successfully complete their studies, but also to integrate at the university and into the regional community.

Fiona and her cheerful demeanour were not yet in this world 50 years ago, but she sees the University of Bremen in 50 years' time as a place united not only by a passion for science but also by a sense of togetherness: togetherness with a student community that transcends the study itself and makes the time of study a special period in the students' lives.