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International Students in Need of Support

Viele menschen halten gemeinsam ein Seil

The coronavirus pandemic hits the international students at the University of Bremen in particular. The International Office and Xenos e.V., an association founded to help international students at the Bremen universities who find themselves in financial distress through no fault of their own, have developed specific ways to help.

It is especially difficult for many international students: For the foreseeable future, they cannot visit their families in their home countries, financing of their studies is uncertain, transitioning their studies to an online format is particularly challenging in a foreign language, the labor market forecast is gloomy, and the usual diversion in the familiar circle of friends is reduced to a minimum. These insecurities lead to an immense mental strain.

The kompass program of the International Office of the University of Bremen offers some orientation via their Facebook initiative ‘kompass_informs’ on job offers, financing opportunities, psychological counseling, and many more.

At the University of Bremen, international students are currently supported by International Office and Xenos e.V., for example with vouchers for grocery stores. If you as an alumnus/alumna would like to help, donations are very welcome. You can find more information on how to donate here:

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