Mission Statement

Mission statement for teaching and learning at the University of Bremen

Revision, January 2021


The close connection between research and teaching characterizes the spectrum of studies at the University of Bremen. Founded as a reform university, it stands for social relevance and responsibility, it is committed to high quality teaching and its constant further development in joint discourse. 

Faculty and students at the university critically engage with developments in the environment, society, and science and culture. They also negotiate pressing issues of the day and promote responsible interaction with the multifaceted interwoven worlds of life.
The mission statement for study and teaching serves as a guide for the University of Bremen. It is based on the university strategy, which emphasizes scholarship, sustainability and non-discrimination.

A University of Research-Based Learning

The University of Bremen stands for a study program with high scientific quality and proximity to research. In teaching-learning scenarios of research-based learning, it qualifies its students excellently for science and non-academic careers, taking into account the increasing datafication and digitalization.

Research-based learning is student-centered, takes its starting point in immediate personal interaction and uses the potential of the digital to support learning, to reflect, to network across borders and to explore new didactic paths. The study program at the University of Bremen offers all students the opportunity to develop into responsible and independently thinking personalities with strong professional and interdisciplinary competence through discourse.

A University of Participation

The University’s teaching staff both promote as well as challenge their students and develop teaching concepts in dialog. Students assume responsibility for their studies. They proactively shape the educational experience and contribute to the further enhancement of teaching quality. They gain their professional identity through building academic competences, supplemented by international experience and an interdisciplinary approach. In this way, students acquire the skill-sets that enable them to participate proactively and responsibly in the shaping processes of modern society.

A University of Diversity

Students take responsibility for their studies. Teachers and students shape teaching together and contribute to the further development of the quality of studies. With the support of the teachers, students supplement their academic competencies with international experience and interdisciplinary references. In this way, they achieve qualifications with which they can actively and responsibly participate in the shaping of modern societies and contribute to the identification and solution of urgent problems.