Building a Heavenly City. The future of human ethics, religion and philosophy in human space exploration.

Location : Bremen Human Space Exploration Seminar - online
Start Time : 07. December 2022, 13:30
End Time : 07. December 2022, 15:00
Bremen Human Space Exploration Seminar
Guest: Dr. Michael Waltemathe

Visiting Professor in Religious Education, Faculty of Humanities and Theology, Technical University Dortmund, Germany

The UN in 1962 describe space as a new frontier for humanity, an inspiration and a prospect for a brighter future for all humans. Space exploration is described in almost religious terms and commits nations to high standards of ethical conduct. New Space and private actors in space exploration make it necessary to look at the spirit and obligations of the 1962 declaration again to see where it is still applicable and where it’s view of space as religious promise and ethical obligation can help shape the future of space exploration today and tomorrow.

Dr. Michael Waltemathe is currently a Visiting Professor in Religious Education at the Faculty of Humanities and Theology at Technical University Dortmund in Germany.

Michael is also Co-PI of the Einstein Circle: ‚Exploring otherness on Earth and beyond: Integrating perspectives from natural sciences, social sciences and humanities‘ at FU Berlin. Michael is researching the connections between Religion and Space-Exploration in the history of spaceflight as well as in historic and contemporary theological, philosophical and ethical thought.



Bremen Human Space Exploration Seminar

The seminar takes ususally place every third Wednesday of the month at 13:30 CET/CEST online via zoom and consists of a 40-minute talk followed by a 40-minute discussion.

The zoom link for the meeting will be send via email to all registered members of the space-exploration mailing list. You can register here.

Dr. Michael Waltemathe
Dr. Michael Waltemathe
Overview effect image from Apollo 11