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  • Ambitious and agile

    Even though these few words might not capture all the characteristics of our vibrant University, it does very aptly describe the underlying mood.

The University of Bremen in Profile

The University of Bremen is a medium-sized German university with around 20,000 students. For its committed and talented students, Bremen offers a wide range of subjects: More than 100 masters programs and bachelor programs, as well as the state law exam. And with research-based learning, the University has reinterpreted project studies, a defining feature originating from when it was founded. 2,500 academics (41%), among them 270 professors (29% women), teach and research in a wide range of disciplines: In the natural sciences, engineering, the social sciences and the humanities as well as in teacher training, we have a long established tradition in interdisciplinary cooperation and excellent research. In 2012, the University’s Institutional Strategy “Ambitious and Agile” led to it being awarded with the title of “University of Excellence”, one of only eleven universities in Germany.

The issues of today's and future societies are dealt with in six interdisciplinary high-profile areas focused on the oceans and the global climate, the future of industrial production, the social conflicts of modern welfare states, the interfaces between digital technology and humans, the logistics of global supply chains, and equity in health care. The University promotes diversity, has always encouraged the implementation of new ideas and the independence of its young researchers, and takes its social responsibilities seriously. We are not afraid to be the first to tread new territory: Founded as a reform university, we aim to breathe life into change.

The University has been cooperating successfully with the non-university research institutes in its immediate vicinity for a long time, this includes 11 jointly funded by the federal government and the federal states. More than 50 so-called ‘cooperation professors’ can testify to this. Our vision: To further anchor Bremen as a leading European research university and an inspiring place of education. To achieve this, we rely on our strengths, on the potential of all University members, and on the trusting cooperation with our partners.

Staff and students of our university were involved in developing our vision, mission and our objectives for the upcoming decade. Based on this, in December 2017 the Academic Senate of the University of Bremen adopted the Strategy 2018–2028.

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