Darwin in Concert

Combining science with music is a daring undertaking. The American composer Richard Einhorn has nevertheless taken up the challenge, featuring the life and work of Charles Darwin in his cantata “The Origin”. Under the direction of musical director, Dr.Susanne Gläß, last semester the University of Bremen’s choir ensemble and female choir studied and rehearsed his experimental work. They will perform the cantata for the first time in Europe during the end-of-semester concert which takes place on 15th February 2012 at 8.00 p.m. in the Glocke.

The title “The Origin” is derived from Darwin’s most famous work “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection”. Similar to Mendelssohn‘s oratorios “Elias” and “Paulus”, the work covers Darwin‘s biography, research findings, and the scientist’s versatility in a way that can only be mediated by music. The piece brings the person to life – Darwin‘s insatiable curiosity, his doubts, as well as his love of his family and the ability to sometimes laugh at himself.
Divided into 21 short numbers, the cantata is sparing in the use of musical means and stands out via clearly structured harmonics. At the forefront is language. Short passages of Darwin‘s writings make up the libretto: Einhorn completely subsumes his music under the text, each passage finding its counterpart in sounds and rhythms influenced by minimal and world music.
Susanne Gläß has been lucky enough to engage the internationally renowned mezzo-soprano Alison Browner and bass-baritone, Michael Dries, as solo singers. In spring last year, Dr. Gläß founded a new 30-voice strong female choir especially for this performance of “The Origin”.

Tickets for the performance cost between €12 and €24 / special reduced prices €6 and €12, and are already on sale from Nordwest-Ticket, TSC and the Glocke. It will also be possible to buy tickets in the main dining hall from 13th till 15th February 2012.

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