Energy is Topic for "Die Uni (in) der Stadt"

How to secure future energy supplies is the topic currently on everybody’s lips, lending new momentum to the debate surrounding the use of our planet’s scarce resources. Quite independent from the earthquake catastrophe and nuclear disaster in Japan, the second lecture in the series “Die Uni (in) der Stadt” [The Uni (in) The Town] explores the pressing question “Are we running out of energy?” and addresses the topic “Scarce Resources and Restructuring the Energy System”. The debate is open to anyone with an interest in the subject and will take place on Wednesday 30th March 2011, from 6 to 8 pm in Haus der Wissenschaft. This time the cooperation partner is Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz – Landesverband Bremen [the Bremen section of Friends of the Earth]. A member of the Management Board of the swb energy corporation has also agreed to take part.

After some opening words from the President of the University, Professor Wilfried Müller, a total of three talks will form the basis for subsequent discussion. Klaus Prietzel, chairman of BUND Bremen, will talk on “peak oil – preparation for a post post-fossil energy system without petroleum”. Then Professor Michael Flitner from artec – the University of Bremen’s research center for sustainability – will present different “Ways to achieve 100 percent renewable energy”. Finally, Dr. Torsten Köhne, member of the Management Board of swb AG, will address the question “Aren’t scarce resources maybe also scarce indeed?”. The panel discussion will be chaired by University President Wilfried Müller.

"Wege zu 100 Prozent erneuerbarem Strom" ist das Thema eines Vortrags bei "Die Uni (in) der Stadt".