Participants Needed for Psychological SPeADy Study

The Department of Psychology is looking for monozygotic and dizygotic twins from 14 years of age onwards who would like to take part in a study. A 30-minute questionnaire is to be filled out by varying age groups. The aim is to find out how personality changes over the course of a lifetime.

What makes people so unique? Why are some people characterized as being “introverted” and others as “extroverted”? How does personality change over the course of a lifetime? Or does it stay the same? To what extent do surroundings and genes determine differences in people? Those are the questions that the SPeADy research project, the short version of “Study of Personality Architecture and Dynamics”, are investigating. The psychology professor ChristianKandler is leading the project.

The Question of the “Core of Personality”

“Our research teams wishes to investigate what exactly constitutes the stable core and the shapeable surface of personality and intends to develop a model with which we will be able to describe varying human personalities as well as possible”, said Professor Kandler.

Two Parallel Studies

In order to be able to fulfil the scientific expectations, the research team is employing a project plan that is split into two studies: The age group study and the twin and family study. Both are running at the same time. The questionnaire intents to record how participants perceive themselves, their attitude, aims and interests. The questionnaire also asks how the participants perceive their behavior in different situations, which standpoints they have regarding varying topics and which life experiences shaped them. Moreover, good friends and family members of the twins will be questioned in order for a picture of the participants, which is as specific and objective as possible, to be formed.

Study Background

The German Research Foundation (DFG) funded project began in fall 2015 at the University of Bielefeld and gained another location at the MSB Medical School Berlin in spring 2017. Due to the appointment of the project leader, Professor ChristianKandler, at the University of Bremen, both study parts, thus the twin and family study and the age group study, have been located at the Department of Psychology of the University of Bremen since January 2019.

Participation Takes 30 Minutes

The questionnaire can be filled out online and on paper and takes roughly 30 minutes. The participants will receive a scientifically founded personality profile and a universal voucher to the value of ten euros as thanks.

Further information and registration:


Yannik Wiechers und Jantje Asmus
Research Assistants
Department of Psychology
University of Bremen
Phone: +49 421 218 68779 or 68777
Prof. Dr. ChristianKandler
Professor of Personality Psychology and Psychological Assessment
Department of Psychology
University of Bremen
Phone: +49 421 218 68770

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The Department of Psychology at the University of Bremen is looking for twins to take part in a study.