University of Bremen to Open New Institute for European Studies

The area of European Studies at the University of Bremen is being given a facelift: With a large majority, the Faculty of Social Sciences voted in support of a proposal to establish an institute for European studies. The institute will bundle the University’s teaching and research competences in the…

As Professor BerndZolitschka, Dean of Faculty, believes, “This will boost external visibility of the study program Integrated European Studies”. Stressing that the decision to found the new institute is a significant move in these times of political instability, he went on to say: “Europe is currently facing multiple challenges. By strengthening the University’s area of research on Europe, we want to give a boost to European exchange and European integration. The new institute will make an important contribution to ensuring European problem issues will be analyzed with the requisite competences”.

Besides providing a boost to research, the Institute for European Studies will also enhance the area of academic teaching. Parallel to the new launch, the present study program “Integrated European Studies” is undergoing reorganization: In addition to the two professorships focused on East European research and the expertise brought in by the Research Center for East European Studies, the Faculty will also receive another professorship with an orientation towards Western Europe and the social sciences. “This new orientation puts the study program Integrated European Studies on a broader and consequently more sustainable disciplinary and conceptual basis”, says BerndZolitschka. As the new institute benefits from the existing infrastructure, it will be able to start work very soon. BerndZolitschka is confident “we will already be open for business this summer semester”.

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