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Global Communities: Traveling Open-Air Cinema

University of Bremen students are showing films in the Gröpelingen district. On each second Friday from July 2, to August 27, feature films and documentaries will be shown at different locations. A supporting program with live music and art installations will begin at 8:30 p.m.

In their seminar “Film Education in Public Spaces” (“Filmvermittlung in öffentlichen Räumen”), 15 students worked on the topics of film education and city development and created the film festival for the former port district of Gröpelingen.

Mobile Cinema Creates Meeting Spaces

The chosen films center on coexistence in varying forms. For example, the opening film is the award-winning film “Shoplifters,” which is about a special cohabitation community with little money that is still happy despite this. In the French film “Tomboy,” the story of a ten-year-old who must move and then decides on a new identity as a boy is told. Music videos, short films, and documentaries will also be shown.

Stories of community, religion, family, tradition, customs, and new beginnings form the core of the festival. “Films make global stories aesthetically tangible,” says the filmmaker and media educator Julian Elbers, who created the film festival together with the students. “The mobile large-image projections create meeting spaces. The people in the Gröpelingen district are invited to listen, watch, and talk with each other.”

Dates and Locations in Gröpelingen

The seminar “Film Education in Public Spaces” at the University of Bremen, the charitable association “Kulture Vor Ort”, and the Digital Impact Lab Bremen have organized a total of five events in free spaces in Gröpelingen’s residential areas:

July 2 -  Bürgermeister-Ehlers-Platz
July 16 - Liegnitzplatz
July 30 - Gröpelinger Bibliotheksplatz
August 13 - Greifswalder Platz
August 27 - Apfelkulturparadies, Basdahler Straße

Hygiene regulations apply. Contact information will be recorded at the locations (digitally or analogue as wished). During the event, medical-grade masks must be worn (applies to July 2 - will most probably not apply for all events afterwards).

“Kultur Vor Ort” Association One of 50 Chosen Locations

To mark its 50th birthday, the university came up with the “50 Reasons WHY” project - why can the university be found all across Bremen? You can find out WHY at 50 exemplary locations. Researchers, teaching staff, and students are an important part of the economy, politics, administration, education, and culture. Ideas and cooperations at the university create new impulses.
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Studierende der Universität Bremen zeigen Filme im Freiluftkino im Stadtteil Gröpelingen