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Jaroslaw Wasik

Jaroslaw Wasik, Leitung des Seniorenstudiums, Akademie für Weiterbildung

Head of Senior Studies, Academy for Continuing Education

Jaroslaw Wasik, Leitung des Seniorenstudiums, Akademie für Weiterbildung

"I like to find solutions to problems where others have already given up."

Jaroslaw Wasik studied economics at the University of Bremen and has been a research assistant with us since 1995, with 20 years of experience in academic continuing education. Since the end of 2019, he has been in charge of senior studies at the University's Academy for Continuing Education. His currently enrolled 850 seniors form a very demanding target group, virtually all with a university degree - except for a few "daughter, you don't need a university education" CVs, surprisingly many with a doctorate, some who have been active in teaching themselves, with very interesting professional experiences, characterised by curiosity and energy. Creating a diverse and attractive offer for them at the university is a rewarding task with a lot of challenge. Jaroslaw Wasik decides on the structure of the offer, the contents of the semester and lecture programmes, takes care of recruiting lecturers, public relations and actively works in the networks of academic continuing education for older people.

It is important to Jaroslaw to keep moving both intellectually and physically. For him, there must always be a balance between work and family.

The future in 50 years? That is the easiest question for Jaroslaw, after all, just 66 years passed between the first 12-second flight attempt by the Wright brothers and the moon landing for mankind. That's why he can imagine everything, including having a branch of the University of Bremen on Mars in 50 years ;-)