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13th General Meeting of the Alumni of the University of Bremen

The new executive board.
1st row from the left: Bernd Hesse, Christoph Sodemann and Fabio Nicoletti. 2nd row from the left: Dr. Reinhard Ahlers, Ute Treptow and Andreas Kottisch. 3rd row from the left: Dr. Tim Nesemann, Dr. Katerina Vatsella.

The alumni’s general meeting was well-attended again this year and proved that many members care about the development of the association. The new executive board and new cash auditors were elected for the next term of four years. Michael Wolff and Zion Yirga, board members in previous years, who had taken an active role since the foundation of the alumni association, did not run for office again. We would VERY MUCH like to thank them for their time, commitment, and support. Newly elected have been Ute Treptow, Renate Heitmann, and Fabio Nicoletti. We are planning to introduce the new executive board members in the coming newsletters. With these new members, the board’s work now is divided among more hands, a necessity for the volunteers in order to further increase the visibility of the alumni association of the University of Bremen. We are looking forward to many opportunities to call attention to the tremendous efforts to engage in networking: on campus, in Bremen, and beyond. The general meeting also took a look on finances and the events in this year as well as the next. Please note the dates for events such as the Open Campus 2019 (on June 15) and our summer fête the night before (June 14)! Mark your calendars!

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