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University of Bremen Turns 50

In October 2021, the University of Bremen will celebrate its big anniversary: Almost 50 years ago, the university started its teaching activities on the newly built campus. Low hierarchies, interdisciplinarity, project-based learning – all those were principles and values for the establishment with which the university was able set itself off in the higher education landscape. Thanks to excellent research, the university and Bremen as a science location today enjoy a formidable reputation and have become a meaningful economic factor for the region.

From now on, we would like to discuss in this section what the 50th anniversary means for us, our members, and the university in a number of ways.

University Fund Supports Projects for “50 Years of Uni Bremen”

In spring, the University of Bremen called its members to get involved with their own project in one of the programs in the anniversary year in 2021 that reflects the university and its multiple facets. The project is supposed to cover these questions: Where do we stand; where do we want to go; where do we come from? The response was stunning. 24 projects have been selected from 74 proposals. Some of the projects such as the video project "Uni - then and now" explicitly focus on the beginnings of the university and its protagonists. If you can provide any input in this area, please contact us at

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